June 2018 Monthly Meeting – Brisbane Doll Society Inc – ‘Hand-Dressed Doll’ theme

Date and Time
Mon, 04/06/2018
10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Qld Bird Breeders Meeting Hall

Event Type
Monthly Meetings

Hand-Dressed Doll
Hand-Dressed Doll

All welcome to attend our Monthly Meeting at Loganlea (Brisbane’s South Side) & meet lovely like-minded people who share your addiction!!

$2 entry per person towards hall hire
Bring a plate of food to share for lunch
Raffle Prizes, Workshop – see full details below

Doll Sale at 1pm – Bring your Cash $$$

Monthly Competition ‘HAND-DRESSED DOLL’ – bring a doll dressed by human hands – preferably your OWN!  Not a factory mass-produced poupee!!

**UPDATE on June Meeting – 4/6/2018**
Please note the following re: MONTHLY COMPETITION which for June has been changed from Bride Doll to hand-dressed Doll (preferably hand-dressed by yourself!) :-
1. Monthly Competition – voting to take place over lunch to give everyone time to firstly enter their doll and secondly, to look at the dolls thoroughly and not be rushed with voting. Voting slips will not be available until lunch time. Teresa will tally up at about 1pm to determine the winners.
2. Keep your entry a secret as much as possible so that other Members don’t know who it belongs to. Sometimes that can be difficult, but we know you will do your best. As you will be able to take more time voting, you will be able to vote for the best doll you think covers the monthly criteria. This will also give Teresa more time to tally the votes so that she is not rushed as well.  Any late-comers will be able to be judged on their doll also. Good luck everyone.

WORKSHOP – EITHER FINISH your Topsy-Turvy doll or
START your French ‘Marotte’ Doll (on a stick) **don’t forget to bring unfinished items back to continue working on them!

French 'Marotte' Doll
French ‘Marotte’ Doll

Any enquiries – please call Elaine (President) on 0439 263 269 or 5536 2428.