Greenware, Doll Eyes, Cute Shoes & Fabulous Wigs – at Brisbane Doll Fair Sat 25/8/2018

Today we’re introducing another of our wonderful Traders – Marion Halls.

Marion's Greenware Stand
Marion’s Greenware Stand

“Hi, My name’s Marion & I’ve been trading at Brisbane Doll Society’s Fairs for years! Come & see me for all your Greenware*, fabulous Wigs, Doll Eyes and cute Shoes… Looking forward to a fabulous day at beautiful Wynnum! See you SOON! Marion. xx“.

*For those not aware, Greenware is the term given to clay objects when they have been shaped but have not yet been bisque fired, which converts them from clay to ceramic. Greenware is unfired pottery. It is very fragile. Ready to turn into your own beautiful creations!!