November 2017 Monthly Meeting – ‘2nd Favourite Doll’ / Melbourne Cup Day

Lyn S with her exquisite childhood Pedigree Doll!
The elegant Teresa
2nd Favourite Doll WINNER _ Cheryl with Rosebud (England)
The Committee busy at work – Lyn, Lisa & Trish (sitting in for Anna)
Competition Entries – adorable!
Competition Entry – a gorgeous indigenous doll!
Competition Entry – 1930’s Celluloid doll in gorgeous crochet!
A fabric 1970’s crinoline lady & another Pedigree beauty!
Sindy – 1970’s Fashion ICON!!
Pat’s Hat made for a lovely Melbourne Cup Display!
The HATS have it!! BACK L-R Lyn, Shirley, Jenny, Pam, Judy, Susan, Elaine, Lyn S, Teresa FRONT Maddie-Mae & Michelle
Festive Food for the cup-goers!
Joan, Dianne & Del sharing a story
Pat’s hat really was THE BOMB!!
Workshoppers – Shirley, Julienne, Val, Elaine, Carol & Judy B
Monthly Comp WINNER – miniature baby in carriage is a gorgeous Val Pike creation!
‘Frozen’ competition entry!
Another delightful Pedigree with Chatty Cathy!
Ooops! Anatomically correct Asian doll!
Beautifully-attired blue girl!
Maddie-Mae always dresses to match her dolls!

We’ve already seen everyone’s FAVOURITE dolls earlier in the year, so we had to see the runners-up – Believe us, they weren’t disappointing in the least!!

Members chose to dress up for Melbourne Cup day as well – they don’t s

Val Pike with her beautiful WINNING competition entry

crub up too poorly either!!